President's Blog

November 2019

Happy Thanksgiving. I’m so thankful for our members. We all have such a strong passion for healthcare and volunteerism and you are the champion for your volunteers.  
I believe we all have a wonderful ability to connect with people. That is what has drawn us to this profession. We all want to make a difference each and every day, and our volunteers feel that same draw to volunteer in our hospitals. They choose our organization and we support and appreciate all that they do.

But I challenge each of you, as we move forward into 2020, to bring this gift to AHVRP. The call to serve will be coming out soon and I encourage you to volunteer for a committee, submit your volunteer programs for an award, get your CAVS, consider submitting a presentation for the 2020 conference in Denver, or even consider serving on the board. There are so many ways that you can volunteer for your professional organization and we need you. We need your talent, wisdom, best practices and your absolute dedication to healthcare volunteerism.

I have had an amazing opportunity to serve you this year. I am eternally grateful for all the wonderful friendships I have gained, the incredible volunteer directors/managers/coordinators I have met, and just honored to hear your stories in your organizations and the difference you are making.  

You are the face and future of AHVRP. I’m so grateful for you. Please consider serving next year as I know it will be as impactful to you as it will be to AHVRP.  

I leave you with this quote from Jane Goodall: “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.   

AHVRP 2019 Board - Linda Fisher
Linda Fisher, MS,CAVS
2019 AHVRP President