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July 2019

It is approximately 40 days until the CONFERENCE! I am getting so excited. I hope you share my enthusiasm if you are able to attend this year. I know the annual conference planning committee has done great work to make this year the best ever and I can’t wait to see you and meet you.

Have you ever felt that it’s time to get some new ideas and perspectives or just meet with likeminded people and industry peers? I cherish that we all come together from across the nation to share the passion for volunteerism. I find it becomes a great place to build on my professional network and meet new friends who bring their backgrounds, wisdom and knowledge.

I think we can always expand our learning edges. New ideas, approaches, techniques, best practices will be at our fingertips at the conference. I always find myself reenergized by the great work done by others. I find myself so proud of the award winners, both HAVE and AHVRP, and share in their joy and triumph. I always find myself thinking how I could make these outstanding programs work in my office. Sometimes I have found solutions to problems I am facing by seeing how others have overcome the same issues.

At the exhibit hall, you might just find new tools, new products, partake in some retail therapy and enjoy that time exploring and meeting potential new vendors for your gift shops.
Sometimes I feel like I get in a rut. I seek and need a new spark, a new perspective, finding a new colleague, or reconnecting with old friends …it all provides me with a rich and valuable experience. I love that I’m not “alone” in this industry, I am there with all of you wanting to improve and sharpen our skill sets and bring something back to practice in our offices. But also remember, this conference is also an investment in yourself. Yes, you’re absolutely worth it. You are growing your expertise in the industry and bringing all of this back to your hospital.

If you can’t attend conference, keep in mind you still have the many great webinars offerings throughout the year, the DVS tool kit, the ListServ and your colleagues around the country.
I read an article that spoke about the value of the serendipitous conversations with colleagues and that these were some of the most valuable parts of attending a conference. When people begin to discuss topics on a deeper and sometimes personal level, the success of that conversation is irreplaceable. I believe it is always our members that bring that magic and that spark to our conference each year. I don’t doubt that this will be the case in Dallas this year. I know I can’t wait to be sparked, increase my learning edge and be inspired by all of you.

AHVRP 2019 Board - Linda Fisher
Linda Fisher, MS,CAVS
2019 AHVRP President