President's Blog

January 2020

Recently my boys and I went to see the latest Star Wars movie.  Unlike when I went to see the first movie years ago, no one clapped when this one was over.  However, something even more surprising happened.  During the pre-movie commercials, what felt like the entire theater sang along to “The Rainbow Connection” while the Muppets advertised a new product.

It was heartwarming to hear so many people sing a song about Connections.  People naturally seek connections in their personal lives – others who will encourage, support, challenge and celebrate us.  During my career in volunteer management I have also seen that most of us seek professional connections as well.  Having few or no other employees in our offices, and at times a lack of understanding of our roles in our facilities, we reach out to others through our state, regional and national organizations.  For me AHVRP has always been a wonderful source of support, as well as some amazing friendships.

As we start out 2020 our Board has already begun to work on ways we can continue to build these opportunities to learn from each other through webinars, publications and conferences; network through the listserv and conference calls; and recognize the amazing work of our colleagues through awards.
I hope that all of you continue to find and utilize these connections with colleagues through these channels.  And as always, feel free to reach out to me at at any time with questions and suggestions for the Board.  Together we can challenge, support, encourage and celebrate one another!  

Eileen Plletier

Eileen Pelletier,CAVS

2020 AHVRP President