AHVRP Member Spotlight

December 2019

reginald hardy

Reginald Hardy

Chief, Voluntary Service
Central Texas Veterans Health Care System
Temple, Texas

In addition to the standard questions, we asked Reginald about upcoming programs for the holidays:

Reginald sent a list of over 20 specific programs in and around his facility in December! These include football watch parties, teddy bear collection and caroling!

On a personal note, Reginald shared this goal with us:

“My personal goal is to ensure that every Veteran in Central Texas is taken care of by Voluntary Service for whatever their needs are.”

How many beds does your facility have?


How many volunteers does your facility have?


How many direct reports do you have?


Tell us why you got into healthcare volunteer resource management.

“As a Veteran I wanted to be able help inspire and care for our Veterans. This job allows me to interact with patients and their families to provide the best healthcare possible. I also get to network for our Veterans throughout the community, raising donations and awareness of the many programs that we provide for Veterans.”

What is your most successful program and why?

“One of the most successful programs that I have fostered is building an outdoor gym (Warrior Fitness Park) for our Domiciliary Veterans. This program is fostered under our new Whole Health initiative and provides a spot for Veterans and staff to work out during the evening hours when the gym closes. We provide all the same apparatus that a gym does, including classes on exercising, food preparation and weight-loss initiative.”

Any words of wisdom would you would like to share with someone considering this profession?

“The Volunteer Manager position is a demanding job that requires someone with drive and that is results driven. This individual must have good character, customer service attributes and be able to be a psychologist as well. You will deal with multiple personalities and you must be patient to make sound decisions, be flexible and lead people. Lastly, you must be able to network and speak well.”