AHVRP Member Spotlight

February 2020

reginald hardy

Julie VanderNoot


I have been a member of AHVRP for most of my career. The time has come to retire. Yes, I said that big word.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my volunteer management career. Many of you are good friends as well as colleagues. As you know, AHVRP is a huge support and there were days I would not have survived without colleagues that understand. Some of my most rewarding memories of AHVRP are:

  • Attending conferences and meeting YOU.
  • AHVRP helped me become a professional and grow my strengths of leadership, collaboration and public speaking.
  • Networking with the best of the best!!
  • Learning from the best speakers in the country.
  • Being honored to lead concurrent sessions.
  • Serving on the board, in particular, it was a pleasure to serve as AHVRP president in 2012.
  • Some of you know, my mom sent her famous homemade cookies to board meetings. It touches my heart that she still receives Christmas cards from some of you.
  • Developing lifelong friendships!!!

For those of you who were members in 2012, you may recall my theme for the year; Achieving Harmony through Diversity. My wish for all of us is to continue to wear or display mismatched socks, appreciate the differences we all bring to the table and strive for harmony in our relationships.

As you know, there is never a dull moment in the world of volunteer management. My journey has been a delight and I look forward to the next chapter.

Thank you!!

Feel free to reach out to Julie at nootvolunteer@hotmail.com.