Regular Membership - $175
Individual members who are management and/or supervisory professionals of volunteer services, or related disciplines, and actively employed in a healthcare setting, or in a setting where healthcare services are provided.

At-Large Membership - $50
These members are volunteers or auxilians in a hospital or healthcare setting and do not hold a paid position as a DVS or gift shop manager.
These members will pay a discounted rate off the standard Society dues. They will have no voting privileges and may not hold office.

Vendor Membership - $400
Individuals who are consultants, manufacturers, and/or vendors should consider Vendor membership. You will receive access to our monthly newsletter, DVS toolkit, membership directory and our career center. You will also receive discounts on conference registration, online marketing, and much more.

Retired, Transitional and Full-Time Students Membership - $50
When requesting membership in this category, please submit the application and written request to

Please note that members may cancel their membership at any time, but dues will not be refunded nor is membership transferable.

An applicant may be admitted to membership at anytime during the year upon paying annual dues. Under cycle billing procedures, dues will be billed again 12 months later, not on a calendar-year basis. AHVRP deposits the enclosed funds remittance (pending application approval), and in the event the application is not approved, AHVRP will promptly refund the remittance. Your dues must accompany your application.