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2018 Volunteer Week Events

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Thanks to all our members who submitted their National Healthcare Volunteer Week “Stories”!

Submitted by:
Arlette Cunningham, Manager, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Jamaica, NY

We celebrate National Healthcare Volunteer Week with various activities which will culminate in a formal ceremony and dinner. Here's a look at our calendar of events:

  • Riddle Me Monday - Volunteers and staff will engage in trivia questions about the hospital. Winners will receive a prize
  • Giving and Thanking Tuesday - Volunteers will thank the staff in their areas and anyone else who have impacted their service in a positive way. They will present the staff with a small token
  • Team Up Wednesday - Having staff and volunteers take pictures holding the "Why I Love National Healthcare Volunteer Week" form
  • We celebrate You Thursday - We formally say thank you to our volunteers.  We hand out certificates, spotlight an extra ordinary volunteer, view the Power Of One video volunteer edition. Everyone in attendance will get to learn more about the volunteers and their service to the hospital and the community at large from poster boards that will be displayed around the room. For networking purposes, the seating will be color coded. After the ceremony, we play two very exciting traditional games along with a raffle and then we all eat and continue to be merry
  • We Haven't Forgotten You Friday – The departments present certificates and or gifts to volunteers who couldn't attend the ceremony.

Arlette Cunningham and Volunteer Hafsa Faria, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, NY

Volunteers Dorril Stanford, Jason Emmanuel and Hafsa Faria, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, NY

Volunteer Sherry Wong (middle) and Staff of the Occupational Therapy Unit, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, NY

Volunteers Fatoumata, Narisa, Jared and Jason with Nurse Manager Dora Parris and staff, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, NY

Volunteers Christal Hickson and Sharon Hurt Webb, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, NY

Marguerite “Margo” Luizzo, Volunteer at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, NY



Submitted by:
Pam Sandy, Manager Volunteer Services, Elkhart General Hospital, IN
Three times a day this week I take the "fun cart" to every volunteer service area to say thank you for their service and pass out treats. Various leaders within the hospital, including the hospital president, round with me to say thank you and to recognize the volunteers and their contributions.  
We are giving away colorful cups filled with thank you mints, chocolate kisses and a Kind bar to say thank you for your kindness as well as "superhero" suckers to remind the volunteers that they are truly our superheroes.  
We also have a big bulletin board that staff from throughout the facility have filled out in recognition and thanks for our superhero volunteers.

Fun cart

Superhero volunteers bulletin board


Submitted by:

Kimberly Santana, Director, Patient Experience, Cooper University Health Care, Camden, NJ

At Cooper University Health Care, we are honoring our volunteers each day during National Healthcare Volunteer Week. Our theme for this year is "Volunteers are "Berry" special". As an organization, everyone is showing the love and appreciation for all that our volunteers do and give. Everyday each volunteer is getting a little treat:

  • Peanuts - we are "nuts" over our volunteers
  • Lifesavers - our volunteers are "lifesavers"
  • Hugs and Kisses - for all the sweet things they do
  • M&M’s - they make a Marvelously, Moving difference in our hospital.  

We bring everything together on Friday with a big volunteer luncheon to celebrate our volunteers as a group of people who perform a service willingly and without pay, from the kindness of their hearts and require nothing in return. To go along with our theme of "Berry" special volunteers, each volunteer will receive strawberry jam, homemade by a local vendor. At this luncheon, our leaders will personally thank our volunteers along with handing out recognition awards. This is a great event filled with fun, love and laughter and perfect way to end the week honoring such wonderful people!!!


Volunteer Raymond is marvelous and making a difference.  He helps escort our Same Day Surgery families to see their loved ones

Volunteer Harold has been volunteering for 11 years after working at Cooper for 46 years








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