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AHVRP offers members three LISTSERV® options:

DVS LISTSERV® - for general questions/comments.This forum allows AHVRP members to communicate to other DVS's who work in an hospital environment.

Retail LISTSERV® - for retail/gift shop related questions/comments.  This forum allows AHVRP members to communicate to other DVS's who also manage their facility's gift shops.

Hospice LISTSERV® - for general questions or comments. This forum will allow AHVRP members to communicate to other DVSes who work in a Hospice.

NOTE: An AHVRP staff member will moderate the LISTSERV®emails to ensure that only appropriate content and non-spam items are sent to you. It is very important to include a subject for those who are searching archives. Messages not including a subject will not be approved

Overview & Instructions
The Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals (AHVRP) has created an automated email discussion forum designed for interactive discussions with your peers. The LISTSERV® is designed to improve communication and receive immediate answers to your questions from your peers. It also offers a forum for exchanging ideas, which allows you to tap into your community and benefit from their experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

To activate your subscription, members of AHVRP need to email ahvrp@aha.org and request a LISTSERV® account. Please indicate which of the three lists (or any combination) to which you would like to be subscribed. 

You can receive your messages in the following formats:

  • Mail = receive messages as they are posted
  • Digest = receive one daily message with all the contributions for the day
  • No Mail = receive no mail from this mailing list (great for when you are on extended leave or vacation, as this option still allows you to access the list archives.)

To change your format, email ahvrp@aha.org and include in the subject line "Change Email Format" and indicate which you prefer.

To Login
Click here to login to your LISTSERV® account.
(Note: this is different and separate than your AHVRP member account)

Unsubscribe from the List
Send message to ahvrp@aha.org include "Unsubscribe me from the DVS LISTSERV®" in both the subject line and body of the email.

Sending a Message
To send a message to your peers send an email to one of the following addresses:

From: joesubscriber@aha.org
To: ahvrp-dvs@ahals.aha.org
Subject: Desired Subject Here

Replying to a Message

Identify yourself with a signature tag in all messages. Include your name, organization, location, telephone number, and email address.There are two ways to reply:

  • Send the message to the entire list by the hitting the "reply" button
  • Reply directly to a member of the list by copying and pasting his/her email address into the "to" line in your message.

You can access the archives by folllowing this link.  You will need to log in.

For more detailed instructions on how to access archived messages, please see the tutorial below:

LISTSERV® Account and Archive Tutorial
(*must create an account first to access acrhives)
LISTSERV® Rules & Regulations 

LISTSERV® Etiquette

  • Include a signature tag on all messages. Provide your name, affiliation, location, and e-mail address.
  • Clearly state your topic in the subject line. This allows members to respond more appropriately to your posting and makes it easier for members to search the archives by subject.
  • When replying to a messge put your response first and delete any header information or information that is not relevant to your topic.
  • Warn other list subscribers of lengthy messages either in the subject line or at the beginning of the message body with a line that says "Long Message."
  • Do not reply to the entire list unless it is information relevant to your topic. Send personal responses like "thank you," to the individual and not to the entire list.
  • Please do not send administrative messages, such as remove me from the list, through the LISTSERV®. Simply contact AHVRP at 312-422-3939 for assistance with updating your email address or being removed from the list.

For more information on any of the LISTSERV® features, call (312) 422.3939 or email ahvrp@aha.org

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