Welcome to the On-line DVS Toolkit

The Education Development Committee is proud to present to our members an on-line resource that will support you in advocating for your leadership position and promote the value of your program within your healthcare organization.

As we all can attest, no on in our facilities seem to know exactly what we do, right? When a new project comes up, it's usually the DVS that ends up taking it on because administration knows we will successfully get the job done, right? After all, “we just work with volunteers - what an easy job!” Sound familiar?

Well colleagues, the time has come to show the value that volunteer services brings to each of our facilities.

The Advocacy Toolkit Committee began with the following questions: “What tools are needed to advocate for our profession, how do we show the value of our programs, how do we help our colleagues share the value of their position, how do we show the value of CAVS certification/renewal and get support from our direct reports?” The responses received from one of the most successful member surveys completed in the history of AHVRP enabled this committee to begin research on the four top categories selected by our members. We thank you for your participation!

As a member benefit, this exciting on-line toolkit provides a strong foundation of valuable resources and tools to assist you in further preparation for the CAVS exam, management reporting, benchmarking, program evaluation and much more. As the toolkit becomes established with our members, it will continue to grow and develop to meet current and future needs of volunteer leaders across the nation!

Please join us in introducing and sharing this advocacy tool with your members! If you are not a member of AHVRP, we invite you to join today!