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Congratulations to Mr. Steve Hurd
On October 3, 2010, Steve Hurd, Voluntary Service Chief at Togus and Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 1 Liaison Chief received the “Award for Excellence” from the Association of Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professions (AHVRP) of the American Hospital Association (AHA) at their Annual meeting held in St. Louis.

The award is given by AHVRP to recognize individuals who have demonstrated exemplary service and contributions to the Association and to the profession of healthcare volunteer management, through fulfilling a leadership role in advancing the practice of healthcare volunteer management.

He was recognized for major contributions to the advancement of the profession of volunteer management through innovations, implementation of new programs, management initiatives, authorship, teaching, and research in healthcare volunteer management. Mr. Hurd was also cited for leadership and participation in local, state and regional affiliated professional association groups and volunteer management organizations.

Mr. Hurd continues to develop, promote and maintain numerous customer-focused programs that have had a positive impact on service delivery, customer satisfaction, and staff morale. Mr. Hurd has continues to contribute to the Voluntary Service staff by acting as mentor to new Voluntary Service managers, as a technical resource for other VISN 1 VAVS staff, developing professional development plans, and by conducting numerous training sessions on volunteer management and customer service.

Mr. Hurd has served as a member of the national VAVS Field Resource Team and has fulfilled a leadership role in mentoring and training new members on reviewing programs throughout the country. 

He has been preceptor for interns assigned to national Voluntary Service Technical Career Field (TCF) Internships. Under his leadership, as VISN 1 Voluntary Service Liaison, Voluntary Service staff has continued to conduct annual training conferences on a regional basis for volunteer leaders on contemporary methods and innovative programming. This program has been such a success that Mr. Hurd guided other VISNs in sponsoring a similar very successful conference and has participated as a guest instructor.

In September 2007, Mr. Hurd was installed as President of the AHVRP. This is a distinctive honor, in that he was not only the first male elected into that position, but also the first VAVS staff member elected as national president. 

Mr. Hurd has been actively involved in numerous VA and community committees and boards. He has held numerous Board Officer positions, including president of the New England Association of Directors of Healthcare Volunteer Services and the Maine Association of Directors of Healthcare Volunteer Services. Mr. Hurd is trained as a preceptor for Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) volunteers and carries the Certified Administrator of Volunteer Services credential (CAVS) certification from CCVA.