2018 AHVRP Call for Annual Conference Planning Committee Members


The deadline for submission has passed.

Thank you for your interest. Please click here to apply for next year.

Gold stands as the most malleable of all metals. In our hands, pure gold can be formed based on our experiences, goals and dreams, creating something that delights us and others. The AHVRP Annual Conference, like gold, is malleable to meet the ever-changing healthcare volunteer environment and the needs of our members. And like the gold, it needs your hands to form it into four days of education that will impact careers.  

I invite you to join as a member of the Annual Conference Planning Committee (ACPC), a group of diverse individuals united to form a learning experience all attendees will treasure. Whether you have been in this business many decades or just a few months, whether you represent a facility in a small town or a big city, you have the skills and vision to deliver a conference of the highest value.

ACPC members work individually and collaboratively to plan speakers, review details, and brainstorm initiatives to maximize our gathering in Chicago. Serving on the ACPC, a commitment of just a few hours per month, has given past participants new networking opportunities, new leadership opportunities, and a chance to shape the future of this golden organization.

I hope you will consider becoming a part of our glittering ACPC team for our 2018 Conference in Chicago, and I look forward to working with you!


Robert Toonkel, CAVS
2018 AHVRP Annual Conference Planning Committee Chair