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President's Message
March, 2019
"And suddenly you know...It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings."

We have experienced a sudden change at AHVRP. This change has left us all feeling a little uncertain, a little confused, maybe even a little worried about the direction of our organization. But the quote I share with you resonates with me, it is the start of something new and a magic of beginnings. 

I have complete confidence and faith in the direction that AHVRP is moving. With five years’ experience in our organization, Todd Ross, as Interim Governance and Operations manager of AHVRP, is doing a tremendous job. We, as the board, support Todd and all his great work at taking over and assuring everything is handled with such professionalism and confidence. AHA is committed to our organization and I can’t thank Dale Woodin, Vice President, Professional Membership Groups, for his unending support and hands on experience through this transition. 

Our membership will get through this change and be strengthened by it. The person in charge might look different in the office, but the good work that AHVRP does for us and the continued support of AHA, the mission is unchanging.  AHVRP is here to educate and develop healthcare professionals to excel as global leaders integrating volunteer resources into positive healthcare outcomes. AHVRP is committed in providing the education, leadership, advocacy, opportunities for professional development, networking and recognition for national volunteer professional excellence. 

I know it has been a really tough road with the delayed announcement of the 2019 conference. It has been frustrating; however, new beginnings are happening. The conference will take place and we will be able to announce the dates and location very shortly. 

As National Health Care Volunteer Week is upon us in April, I always feel reignited in my passion for volunteerism and inspired each day by volunteers. I know you share with me that moment of feeling an intense honor being able to celebrate the power of your volunteers, celebrating their week and communicating the tremendous impact volunteers have on your organization. Thank you as leaders for all you do for your volunteers. I have seen your stories, ideas, celebrations and it is uplifting. The impact of volunteerism is strong and we are their advocates.

I know I represent a strong membership and I’m so proud to do so. Our group is always eager to help in any way possible; we are friendly, compassionate, empathetic, committed…the list of adjectives are too long for this post. Yes, we are going through change and transition. However, there isn’t a greater group to support change as volunteer leaders. Celebrate with me as we embrace a new horizon. The magic of beginnings…….. the future of AHVRP is strong and unyielding. It is a force that is unstoppable. It is bright and flourishing. You as a member lead the charge. Thank you for your support and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Linda Fisher, MS, CAVS
2019 AHVRP President
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