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President's Message, June, 2017

WHEW!  Here is just a brief update of the latest happenings at AHVRP!

Think about what belonging to AHVRP means and the benefits from attending a conference. In the past years I have had great experiences with being around 400 other Directors of Volunteers for networking and learning sessions. 

Here is a sampling of what I value at each yearly conference:

  • Growing my network of connections
  • Learning from  my peers
  • Helps me learn to Lead With  A Purpose

 One of my favorite speakers was hearing Leeza Gibbons at the 2015 Orlando conference, who spoke on “moving forward.”  Leeza talked about writing your own mission statement.  One of the areas I find interesting with all of our various volunteer organizations is our Mission Statements. In business, the mission statement reminds a company of its overall purpose.

At AHVRP, our mission is “to educate and develop healthcare professionals to excel as global leaders in integrating volunteer resources into positive healthcare outcomes. “

Have you ever thought about this?  I like to compare our Mission Statement to a Soul Print.

Consider making this the year to write your own mission statement.  The mission statement underscores who you know yourself to be or where you’re headed. It’s your intention on how you want to live, and it represents your inner life. 

 If you don’t know where to start:

  • Think about how you’d like to feel each morning when you wake up or what you seek in life.
  • What attributes do you want to possess and how would you like to react to challenges?
  • Who or what do you want to attract in your life?
  • What’s your soul print?

Belonging to AHVRP for fourteen years has helped me grow and I want to share my own personal mission statement with you.

Seek ways to help others by listening.  Seek learning and growth. Be flexible and forgiving.

And to share notes from Leeza Gibbons-

“To move forward: Ever changing, opening, softening- allowing wisdom to enter my mind and heart.

THANK YOU to all of you for sharing your time and talents and so much of yourselves and to be willing to give back to others at your facilities and so many areas of your lives.

We hope you can find the value of joining us in Phoenix this year Sept. 22-26th  for learning more about COMPASSIONATE CARE AND COMMITMENT to SERVICE!

Yolanda Voigt, CAVS
2017 AHVRP President

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