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Member Spotlight

AHVRP Member Spotlight
March, 2018


Amy Astin, CAVS, CDVS
Director, Volunteer Services
Floyd Medical Center
Rome, GA










We asked Amy these questions:

Next month is National Healthcare Volunteer Week. Could you let us know what you plan to do for your volunteers?

“April is National Volunteer Appreciation month and at Floyd Medical Center we do a Good Samaritan Awards Luncheon. Any staff or volunteer can nominate one of our outstanding volunteers for the award.  All volunteers and the hospital Executive Team are invited to a fancy, themed luncheon where we praise the nominees and announce a winner. When appropriate, we may select a Lifetime Achievement award also for someone who has given many years of dedicated service. All month we decorate boards and give accolades to all our volunteers who dedicate so much to all our volunteer programs. The local press and hospital PR cover the event and our special programs done by our special people get some well-deserved recognition.”

The CAVS online testing window is fast approaching. What does holding the CAVS credential mean to you?

“Becoming CAVS certified has made a difference in the attitude and respect of people for our entire Volunteer Services program. It brings a legitimacy to the services done by our unpaid staff in a world where credentialing is very important. Having these letters after a name shows people how serious you are about the responsibility you have accepted with this job. It becomes more than just an extra hat; accreditation demonstrates your accountability. It gives others a degree of confidence in your knowledge. I believe it is well worth the time and effort it takes to become a certified volunteer manager in healthcare.”

As a long-time AHVRP member, what do you feel is the benefit to continuing your membership for over 10 years?

“No matter how long you serve as a Director of Volunteer Services you can still be surprised sometime, especially in these changing times. Occasionally, I feel the need to reach out to others to see if this latest situation is really unique or if someone else has faced it and can offer some advice.  With membership in a group such as AHVRP, I can do just that. Reach out and find help, possible solutions or at least encouragement through the membership of peers and the resources offered by the organization. I’m glad I got involved early in my career.”

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