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Member Spotlight

AHVRP Member Spotlight
January, 2019


Kelly Wills
Director, Volunteer Resources
Dayton Children's Hospital
Dayton, OH









We asked Kelly these questions.

How many beds does your facility have?

How many volunteers does your facility have?

How many direct reports do you have?

Tell us why you got into health care volunteer resource management.

"I never intended (or even thought) that this was a viable career option.  In fact, I thought I wanted to be in television production!  But it was the time I spent volunteering in college that really shaped and molded me to discover this path.  Volunteering gave me a huge sense of purpose and I knew in my career, I wanted opportunities where I could help facilitate the positive impact for people served.  So thankfully, as my career progressed from a few non-profits where volunteer management was a piece of the role which I loved, I was able to progress to the pediatric hospital setting which is truly the most fun and rewarding environment!"

What is your most successful program and why?

"It is hard to narrow down success but our pet therapy program has refined itself over the past few years and has become such a well-respected hospital program.  We currently have 22 dogs, 2 miniature horses, and a retired pig (he gained too much weight) who are extremely popular!  We have partnered with child life to stream the request visitation process, marketing to promote best practices internally and advertise externally, infection team to ensure safety, our foundation office to work through designated program funds, and with our volunteers for processing, scheduling and fulfilling needs."

Any words of wisdom would you would like to share with someone considering this profession?

"The reward is far greater than can be imagined.  I learn something from each person that joins our team and that is very fulfilling.  And hearing the personal stories of how our volunteers impact patients day in and day out gives you a sense of contentment that you helped facilitate pieces of the puzzle to make someone's day or experience that much better in what can be a generally scary time.  Well worth it!"

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