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Member Spotlight

AHVRP Member Spotlight
March, 2019


Amy Faith Lionheart, MA, MBA
Network Manager, Volunteer Services
Western Connecticut Health Network
Danbury, New Milord and Norwalk Hospitals
Danbury, CT









In addition to our standard questions, we asked Amy the following:

The 2019 National Health Care Volunteer Week is almost here. I see you are using the AHVRP mobile app. How is that going and can you tell us why other folks should download it?

“The new AHVRP mobile app is a wonderfully innovative way to engage both administrators and volunteers for National Health Care Volunteer Week. The app offers a great opportunity for leaders in our field to showcase the work they are most proud of at their facilities as well as the difference they’re making in the lives of those out in the community. I think the use of a tool like this within our profession allows us to engage on a whole new level. Access to social media apps allow more of us to change our approach to the way we support our volunteers. It’s no longer business as usual. As leaders, we need to think outside the box to remain fresh and this brings a new energy into the mix. I’m so glad AHVRP has made this app available to members. It provides valuable content and an opportunity to benchmark our programs and services. I look forward to seeing more members post meaningful content about their organizations.”

What events does your hospital have planned for the week?

“There are several things we do throughout the year to appreciate our volunteers, but during National Volunteer Week, April 7th-13th, we have partnered with our food service vendor, Morrison Healthcare to celebrate and honor our volunteers by offering them coupons for a free beverage and a snack of their choice in any one of our cafes during their shifts. Our volunteer appreciation events will take place in May and June. Norwalk Hospital, Brunch, Sunday, May 5th, 11am-1:30pm at the Shore & Country Club, in Norwalk, CT, the New Milford Hospital Luncheon will take place on Wednesday, June 5th, 12pm-2pm, 21 Elm Street, New Milford, CT and the Danbury Hospital Volunteer Appreciation luncheon will take place on June 12th, from 12pm to 3pm. For more information please contact Volunteer Coordinator, kathleen.hearty@wchn.org or call 203-739-7384.”

How many beds does your facility have?


How many volunteers does your facility have?


How many direct reports do you have?


Tell us why you got into healthcare volunteer resource management.

“After watching my mom raise money for the Hadassah, a Jewish Women's Empowerment Organization, at the ripe old age of 13, I began volunteering as a candy striper at Beth Abraham Center for Rehabilitation in the Bronx, NY. That was only the beginning... Since early childhood, I always found volunteer work fascinating. Over the years, I have gotten involved with many non-profit organizations from God's Love We Deliver, serving meals to homebound NY'ers living with HIV and AIDS, LIFEbeat, the Music Industry Organization to Fight AIDS, working with internationally known celebrities to assist in tour outreach at after-parties and other special events, to advocating for those with Diabetes at the American Diabetes Association and helping to organize Breast Cancer walks with the American Cancer Society, this has been the realization of a lifelong dream to inspire and advocate for others.”

What is your most successful program and why?

“I feel my most successful program early in my career was producing "The World's Largest Block Party", an event that took place along New York's Madison Avenue for 15 blocks. As New York City District Manager, I not only recruited volunteers for this event, but also made exclusive deals with sponsors, helped to design the t-shirts for the event and spoke on a massive stage to a crowd of 1.5 million New Yorkers about Diabetes. 

Since then, there have been so many others that have been just as successful, if not more. But how does one judge success? Is it the number of people served? Quality of interactions? To me, a true measure of success is the feeling people come away with. I know I have been successful if people come back to me and tell me that my program has left an impression on them.

In this case, I would have to say more recently, Mission Health Day, an event I have helped to produce for the past two years with WCHN has been truly one of my most successful programs in recent years.  Through Mission Health Day my organization has been able to give out more than 500 coats, provide free medical care, lunch, podiatry and spa services and provide connections to a medical home to our local at risk homeless population. People of varying ages with food insecurities and other risk factors participate in the annual event and it warms my heart to be part of this program.”

Any words of wisdom would you would like to share with someone considering this profession?

“Always remember that no matter what you set your mind to, anything is possible. You know you can do anything. Anything. All it takes is hard work and lots of determination. I am not a person that takes the word "no" very well. When someone tells you no, prove them wrong. We are a very passionate group of people. I don't think I have ever met a volunteer administrator who did not give 110% all the time. If you are new to the profession, network. The more people you know, the better!”

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