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Member Spotlight

AHVRP Member Spotlight
May, 2018


Rose Verona, CAVS MBA
Administrative Director of Volunteer Services
St. Alexius Medical Center
Hoffman Estates, IL










Can you tell we’re getting excited about conference?

You oversee the First-Time Attendee session. What advice can you share with this year’s newcomers?

"As a newcomer take some time to review the information booklet that is provided to you outlining the entire schedule for the convention. The convention provides the opportunity to learn and to network with your peers from many different hospitals throughout the US.  As you review the session descriptions, please know that these presenters have developed the specific program and can provide you with enough knowledge to take the information and use it as is,  and/or adapt based on your specific medical facility.  

Review the Session descriptions and attend as many sessions as possible. Some of sessions that I would like to highlight are (1) Poster Sessions: this is a standup preview of a specific program highlighted by the presenter; it’s a short form of the class session.  (2) The Networking Session; this is presented at tables with a specific Topic discussed and provides small group conversation with a lead person; this gives one an opportunity to network with your colleagues and covers a variety of topics within a specific timeframe.

I highly recommend that you take advantage of the evening event, as it gives you another opportunity to network and build relationships with your colleagues."

This will be your 4th conference. Why do you keep coming back?

"VALUE; that is the reason I keep coming back. The convention is five (5) days of education on all types of volunteer programs and community collaboration. After attending these classes, you have learned about a variety of programs and can take this information back to your facility to develop a specific program(s) from the information presented. There are many ideas that you are exposed to that helps you develop additional programs for your medical facility. Networking with your colleagues is invaluable.  You establish relationships that provide you with an extended support group when you return.  I have found that all are willing to share their experiences and/or materials that you may use by simply changing the name on the guideline/policy."

What is one thing you most look forward to about the 50th Anniversary conference?

"Honestly, it’s in the Chicago area and I live in one of the surrounding suburbs!  HOWEVER, I am impressed that I belong to an organization that has been in existence for 50 years.  As I review the history of the organization and how it has worked to improve the level of expertise of those people who are in Volunteer Management, I have realized the benefits of being a part of this.   This organization has worked to provide its members with the knowledge required to improve the area of volunteer management."

Final thoughts:

“One of the things that I want First attendees to know is why I value the AHVRP organization and the importance of the CAVS certification.

I wanted to express to everyone that if you are new to this field, i.e., volunteer management, or you have been assigned an “extra duty” of managing volunteers at your location; this organization provides you with the tools and resources to be as successful as one could be.   
I came into volunteer management after a very successful career in Corporate America and had ABSOULTELY NO EXPERIENCE in Healthcare, let alone volunteer management and all the requirements (TJC: The Joint Commission) and required guidelines to manage a volunteer team.
This organization, (AHVRP) provides a structured framework and environment for one to learn as much as they were willing to take the time to ask.  The local office personnel are an excellent resource for questions regarding volunteers.  The conventions have been a great experience of learning and being kept up to date regarding volunteers and the guidelines that are required to manage a volunteer group.  The certification (CAVS) only provided me with additional learning and training which covers the legalities and the TJC specific requirements that are needed.”


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