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Wednesday, June 14, 2017
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Member Spotlight

AHVRP Member Spotlight
April, 2017


Carol E Dixon
Director, Volunteer Resources
Providence Health Care
Vancouver, British Columbia

2015 and 2016 AHVRP Concurrent Session Presenter and 2015 and 2016 AHVRP Webinar presenter







How many beds does your facility have?

How many volunteers does your facility have?

How many direct reports do you have?

Tell us why you got into healthcare volunteer resource management.
Like many of us, by mistake.  We were moving in less than a year but I needed a job.  I have a science degree so walked over to the nearby hospital and applied.  I became a "clerical float" and one day "floated" into the Volunteer Resources department.  What a wonderful place!  Everyone was glad to be there, people were welcoming, there was candy - I thought, I want to stay here always.  We moved as planned but then I sought out a Volunteer Resources placement deliberately (now I had experience) and my career began.

What is your most successful program and why?
Our visiting program is our most successful and our most improved.  It started as a program we sort of put people we couldn't find another role for - and then with training and better screening we've turned it into an in demand program from the patient and the staff perspective.  Now our visiting volunteers come into a list of folks that want a visit, a little bit about them and a voice mail of their own with new additions every day.  Keeping these volunteers involved, informed and busy has turned it into a volunteer favourite and retention is up almost 10 months.

Any words of wisdom would you would like to share with someone considering this profession?
As one of the few Canadian members, I very much appreciate my membership in AHVRP.  The advantage in the much larger number of members is that somewhere, someone understands exactly your issue and knows how to help.  It is exactly the right time to become a Volunteer Resource professional because the power in community is finally being recognized as a necessary part of healthcare.  Our volunteers come from the community and already know the value of our healthcare facilities and not only give their time and talents for free but will advocate on our behalf.