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Wednesday, June 14, 2017
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Manager's Message
I had the privilege of experiencing first-hand the power of the healthcare volunteer and the hospital retail shop recently. A family member suffered a traumatic fall resulting in an extended stay in the neuro ICU. The volunteers and hospital staff never knew I was with AHVRP or with the AHA. They offered and DELIVERED unconditional compassion, support and care.

Quickly, a volunteer came to offer assistance at a time when I certainly needed a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen to my unbelievable incident. The volunteer did not give me a magazine-the volunteer gave me energy, and the encouraging words, “We are here for you!” The hospital retail shop had THE BEST fudge on the planet. Sugar is the best cure for just about everything-at least it helped me along with the contagious, caring smile the volunteer shared when I checked out during my distractive shopping in the gift shop.

This type of engagement happens with patients and caregivers every day, every hour, every minute across the country in long-term care, rural, urban hospitals, home health and hospice facilities. We salute our SUPER HERO healthcare volunteers and the ROCK STARS who lead the volunteer healthcare workforce in supporting all efforts of the Triple Aim. These assistants, coordinators, specialists, managers, directors, chiefs and many other unique titles in volunteer services inspire our volunteers to be active contributors and change agents in the patient care delivery model.

As we celebrate the end of National Volunteer Week, AHVRP has received a tremendous amount of photos, stories, newsletters which capture the essence of what our members orchestrate, what the volunteers execute and how this makes a difference in the lives of so many. We will organize these resources and share them with you next week. If you have images, stories, newsletters, etc. from National Volunteer Week and you would like to share with AHVRP, you can submit stories, here https://tinyurl.com/ldlpu7q  and send images to ahvrp@aha.org

The American Hospital Association (AHA) has created great resources which may be of interest to you. The Hospital Research and Educational Trust (HRET)  Hospital Improvement Initiative Network (HIIN) UP Campaign is designed to simplify safe care and streamline interventions, reduce multiple forms of harm with simple easy-to-accomplish activities, and consolidate basic interventions that cut across several topics to decrease harm. The UP Campaign is made up of 3 components:

WAKE-UP — Reducing unnecessary sleepiness and sedation.
GET-UP — Mobilizing patients to return to function more quickly.
SOAP-UP — Implementing appropriate hand hygiene to reduce the spread of infection.

To view great handwashing videos and many more resources, click http://www.hret-hiin.org/engage/up-campaign.shtml 


On June 9, Hospitals Against Violence Hope (#HAVhope) Friday will focus national attention on ending all forms of violence with a digital media campaign – shared tweets, posted photos and other online efforts.  Join in this inaugural event and share details with your hospital leaders as well as with your network, http://www.aha.org/advocacy-issues/violence/join.shtml To access the toolkit, click http://www.aha.org/content/17/hav-digitaltoolkit.pdf

The AHA has also created an extraordinary resource, Amplify the Hospital Story: Shining the Spotlight on the Good Work Done Every Day. This resource provide best practices on how to amplify your story, your work. Click here to access the resource, http://www.advancinghealthinamerica.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/AdvancingHealthinAmerica_HospitalToolkit.pdf

Thank YOU for all that you do in making a difference in the community by delivering extraordinary patient care! We applaud your work, the work of the volunteer and the commitment you have to the profession! Your leadership is exceptional!


With gratitude,

Ursula Pawlowski, MSHR
Governance and Operations Manager, AHVRP


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