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Are you interested in sharing your expertise, your passion, on an AHVRP Committee? Submit your information in the link below:

The following committees support the 2017-2019 AHVRP Strategic Plan:

Current AHVRP Membership is required to be considered as a committee member.

Volunteers are the backbone of AHVRP's success. By participating in AHVRP committees and task forces, you can gain personal satisfaction, leadership experience as well as the knowledge that your work will help promote the profession, and your professional association in Leading America's Healthcare Volunteers.

AHVRP committees are developed to assist the association in achieving its initiatives and fulfilling its strategic goals and objectives of setting the standard for volunteer excellence. 


The benefits of serving on an AHVRP committee or task force are many:

  • The opportunity to receive useful background information and data developed by AHVRP and/or the American Hospital Association for use in meeting the committee’s objectives.
  • The opportunity to build a network of other volunteer resource professionals who are involved and interested in the same subjects/issues.
  • The opportunity to learn from other volunteer management professionals.
  • Acknowledgement and recognition for your expertise and contributions from AHVRP and your peers.
  • Preparation for expanded roles and responsibilities in AHVRP Volunteer Leadership.
  • Receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for volunteer time completed with committee work.

We know that those who get the most out of their membership also give the most by participating in AHVRP initiatives. Position yourself for a truly rewarding volunteer and networking experience.

Each committee is led by AHVRP members and supported by AHVRP staff and a liaison from the Board of Directors.


Chair:  Tina Pridgeon, BS, CAVS

Strategic Goals and Objectives:
Advocating as thought leaders on causes advancing healthcare volunteerism through education and information on topics relevant to AHA and AHVRP.

To be thought leaders in educating and informing on causes promoting AHVRP and the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) strategic goals, mission, and vision within the organization and throughout the nation, by advancing healthcare and volunteerism awareness at all levels creating positive outcomes for the improvement of the communities we serve.  The committee’s focus will target topics relevant to both AHVRP and AHA with a majority consensus agreeing on the desired outcome.


  • Develop and execute strategies promoting advocacy goals.
  • Advocate internally: “Volunteers Make A Difference” campaign
  • Advocate external: American Hospital Association Political Action Committee (AHAPAC) Information / Awareness campaign
  • Advocate legislative regulations: Workplace Violence Campaign


Chair: Beverly Epps, CAVS

Strategic Goals and Objectives:
To plan and execute annual education conference by selecting faculty and topics in the fields of volunteer management and retail operation professional.


  • Chair will assign duties to committee members
    • Hospitality
    • First time attendees for volunteer resource/retail operations Professionals and Auxilians/Volunteers
    • Facilitators
  • Review and evaluate concurrent session speaker proposals for concurrent sessions.
  • Provide opportunities to network


Chair: Eileen McConville, CAVS

Strategic Goals and Objectives:
Promote and present the Certified Administrator of Volunteer Services (CAVS) credential to advance and advocate for the profession and professional development.


  • Principles
    • Assess member value and participation
    • Promote and develop coordination of  Principles education and campaign for certification
    • Review, update and add new subject matter as indicated
  • Certification
    • Assess member value, participation and pass rates
    • Produce materials for potential CAVS candidates


Chair: Eileen Pelletier, CAVS

Strategic Goals and Objectives:

To increase communication, support and education for Affiliated Chapters of AHVRP.


  • Assess needs of Affiliated Chapters and their Leaders
  • Develop a regular schedule for communication, networking and education
  • Review and enhance materials available for current and potential Affiliated Chapters


Chair: Angela Smith, MPA, CAVS

Strategic Goals and Objectives:
To execute the annual election of the association as specified by the bylaws


  • Identify, review and slate qualified candidates for board nomination process
  • Slate candidates for president-elect
  • Slate the required number of members-at-large
  • Slate four (4) for the committee on Nominations


Chair: Kristyn Ireland, CAVS and Linda Fisher, CAVS

Strategic Goals and Objectives:
Review and advise enhancements of AHVRP publications and suggest topics webinars for quality, timeliness, and relevance.


  • Assess publications and webinars based on member needs
  • Review Program evaluations to assist with future programming


Chair: Cheryl Call, CAVS

Strategic Goals and Objectives:
To provide retail management professionals in healthcare the highest quality of education, networking, best practices, and resources.


  • Develop and assess content for retail publication
  • Review program evaluations to assist with future programming


Chair: Angela Berns, CAVS

Strategic goals and objectives:
AHVRP will use social media platforms for building our professional network and to help establish our brand as experts in the field of Volunteer Resource Management by enabling peers to make bridging connections with one another on issues that are important, timely, and relevant to the profession.


  • Educate membership on the mission and goals of social media platforms for AHVRP
  • Share with membership best practices and how to successfully use the chosen social media platforms to position themselves and their organization as industry thought leaders by using these platforms through how to documents, webinars, and concurrent sessions at conference

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