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AHVRP Affiliated Chapter Spotlight
March, 2019

Ohio Healthcare Volunteer Management Association Inc. (OHVMA)

We spoke with OHVMA Co-Presidents Cara Ranft, CAVS, and Alice Wanninger and asker these questions:

Your new logo and website look great! Could you talk about how both of these me about and what was the inspiration behind it?

"There is no one simple answer to this question. It has been an intentional journey since mid-2016 when the Ohio Hospital Volunteer Management (OHVMA) Board faced the reality in which we were living and determined that our association needed to evolve to be sustainable, as well as continue to serve our mission and more importantly our members.

This lead to a strategic plan to forge and propel our association into the future. 

Part of that plan was:

  • Strategic Sustainability – Ensure realistic vision and goals
  • Program, Product, Service Sustainability – Ensure high quality products, services and programs
  • Personnel Sustainability – Ensure personnel can effectively and reliably perform
  • Financial Sustainability – Ensure to meet financial reserve and conduct contingency planning

OHVMA greatly values each and every one of our members. We recognize that we are dealing with limited resources including our time and our money. The Association is and always has been committed to providing the very greatest value possible to our membership. We realize that there are many choices about how to spend time, money and we needed to determine that the benefit of our membership exceeded the cost of the investment.

The executive board of OHVMA felt as a membership organization it is our members who should determine the future direction for our organization and the board wanted to hear their voices. The Board of Directors engaged a consulting firm of OgdenPost to help us engage with our members in a variety of ways. (The OgdenPost Consulting Group (www.ogdenpost.com) specializes in serving non-profit organizations.)

OHVMA Board started conducting a number of different inquiries from providing online surveys to our members, from gathering views with a small number of potential members, to also including views from a small number of employers of our members who do not reimburse those members’ dues.

Within the organization we were compiling a lot of statistical and evaluative data to share with OgdenPost.

All of this was in preparation for a very special ‘members-only’ session that took place on August 2, 2016. During this very important day-long session all our members were invited to join and determine the

  • Strategic Focus for our organization
  • Benefits for the members

This work required a re-designing the structure of our Board, which would dramatically impact the association. The design was to specifically involve more members into the works of our association.

Working groups or Committees were formed.

  • Membership
  • Finance
  • Infrastructure
  • Programing

Each group has a chair with sub-groups within that group:

  • Membership
    • Recruitment
    • Retention
    • Data Base
    • Networking
  • Finance
    • Budget
    • Fundraising
    • Grant Writing
    • Investing
    • Reporting
    • 990
    • Insurance
  • Infrastructure
    • Communication
    • IT/Web
    • Guiding Principles
    • Nominations
    • Executive Director
    • Secretary
    • Marketing/Communication
  • Programing
    • Conference
    • Education
    • District Education
    • Certification
    • Scholarship
    • Awards

Communication was key with our members. Work on our brand and redesign of the website was our starting point.

The website redesign was an adventure. Board members working on this segment had no real experience with web base designs. This was hard work work, however it was key with our outreach to our members and non-members, and it would serve the needs in each part of our new structure. The website would be the start of the momentum to push the plan forward while serving the needs in each part of our new structure. 

Taking the information gathered from members exploring a variety of different web management sites, the board agreed to use Wild Apricot.  It was found to be easy to work with, offered good support and was user friendly.

Much was learned from that work. We have been fortunate to have some amazing board members and members alike who have been committed to this journey that has brought us to where we are today. 

As a board and as an association we continue to learn and listen to our members, using the website as a tool to communicate, manage and serve while reaching out to others.

Our logo re-design was a similar journey. Listening to our members, viewing other state associations, details were gathered to start the re-branding for OHVMA. 

Like volunteer managers do, we looked within for resources. Again, we were very fortunate to have a very gifted member already serving on our board, Heidi Reed, who had a background in PR/Marketing. She volunteered to re-design the logo/brand that would identify our association for years to come. Drafts were made available, board members provided feedback and Heidi perfected the image, providing OHVMA with a logo that all are proud of.

Work continues as we purposely build upon this new and improved structural foundation, reaching deeper into each category of our new structure, and inviting more new talent and resources within our membership to assist in the evolution all while serving the mission of our association."

Other than conference, what else in the coming year(s) should your chapter look forward to?

"Growth, engagement, and partnerships. This will take place within our state, within our districts and open to neighboring states that are seeking support and connection with a strong, active membership association supporting the profession Hospital Volunteer Management.

How? With intentional, continued focus on our mission/purpose and the strategic plan, optimizing the use of tools available to us, such as our website, building partnerships, such as our chapter membership with AHVRP, developing an ease of working together through plans within existing working groups/committees, while inviting and engaging new members to share their own gifts and talents."

How has being an affiliated chapter of AHVRP benefited you and your members?

"Networking and building relationships with the other state affiliated chapter leaders. Realization and comfort in finding we are all experiencing the same things. Development in working together, sharing and learning from one another and promoting the importance of our profession of volunteer management."


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