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Board Messages
See the complete 2017 AHVRP Board Roster

2017 Year in Review Board Q&A:

1.) How has being on the board helped you grow personally and professionally?

"This is a tough question.  I don’t know if I can say just one thing or even put all my thoughts into words.  Each year I have been on the board I have learned from my wiser, more tenured peers.  I’m in awe of them.  Every year on the board is an entirely different experience as people rotate on and off.   You are put in a position to have really great conversations professionally, where you think, “Why have I not done that?” or “How did I not know that?”  These men and women are at the very top of the game!  You can’t help but to also grow personally from those interactions." - Angela Berns

"Personally, the relationships I have formed on this board are friendships made for life.  I have become a better leader from my fellow board members and have benefited immensely from our sharing of knowledge, ideas, and best practices." - Linda Fisher

"Being member of the AHVRP has helped me develop as a professional through the relationships with peers that I have developed  and through the bigger picture understanding of healthcare.  Understanding not only my own program, but how my peers administer their programs has given me a broader context for hospital volunteerism." - Roseanna Galindo-Kuhn

"Being on the board gave me an opportunity to meet other Volunteer Administrators on a deeper level than one would get at conference or via email. Having this group of professionals on a monthly call helped me appreciate the depth of knowledge throughout this organization. Not only does the board care about their hospitals and their jobs, but they care about this organization and our profession." - Eileen McConville

"I have learned much more about AHVRP and its relationship with AHA and how we work together for the betterment of healthcare volunteer management as a profession.  My VP and colleagues at my hospital also know that I am connected to a nation-wide network and can bring information about current trends and programs to our hospital quickly.  This has helped me be seen as a more vital link in the hospital system." - Eileen Pelletier

"It has been a great experience. Looking back, I am a different person now that I was some six years ago. Both my personal and professional life are completely different in a good way. It was nice that the AHVRP Board could be a constant in my life during these changes." - Angela Smith

2.) What is your greatest accomplishment you are most proud of while being on the board? This could be at work or within the association.

"I’m very proud of being a part of creating the AHVRP Retail Excellence Award.  Hospital gift shops provide an incredible amenity for patients, visitors, and staff.  Being able to recognize the contribution of these volunteer teams on a national level is a well-deserved accolade for this hard working group.  In addition, I’m a member of the first board to all have our CAVS certification.  I was challenged and supported by my board peers to get certified. And I am so proud that I did that.  It’s a sense of accomplishment I didn’t even know I needed.  I really was over the moon when I got the call that I passed that test!" - Angela Berns

"Being the chair of the Education Committee and the great work we are set to accomplish in 2018 has been very rewarding.  I can’t disclose yet what will be coming, but feel that the outcomes of the Education Committee which has been two years in development, will be very impactful to our membership and the current way we utilize information garnered from others." - Linda Fisher

"Any accomplishment have achieved while being on the board has been the result of team effort and is not mine to take credit for alone.  The thing I am most proud of is to be at the table with some of the most innovative, informed, and dedicated leaders of the profession that I know.  I am proud to contribute to our discussions and help to lead this important aspect of healthcare." - Roseanna Galindo-Kuhn

"I had the opportunity to offer a series of Webinars to assist CAVS candidates. Being able to hear the questions of colleagues from across the country helped me understand areas of common misunderstanding in our profession.  To offer support and share knowledge was very rewarding. I believe we were able to help candidates be more confident and better prepared to take the exam." - Eileen McConville

"Working with Yo Voight to bring back the Chapter Relations committee was a very rewarding accomplishment.  When I was President of New England Association Directors of Healthcare Volunteer Services (NEADHVS) years ago this committee allowed for on-going communication and education for the Chapter Presidents and I found it very helpful.  I am very proud that we have been able to provide that opportunity to current Chapter Leaders." - Eileen Pelletier

"December is a great time to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and goals and this year I am especially proud and honored that you—the membership—have chosen me to be your President-Elect in 2018.  I promise to fulfill the duties to the best of my abilities and looking forward to representing AHVRP at every opportunity.  Our board has great leadership with our current President Yolanda Voigt and I look forward to working with our incoming President Kristyn Ireland." - Tina Pridgeon

"The organization is a lot more fiscally sound than it was previously and has a strategic future, which is very important to both the profession and AHA." - Angela Smith

3.) What advice would you give to an AHVRP member exploring the opportunity of being on the AHVRP board?

"JUMP IN!  Start by being on a committee and work into a board position.  You get to see our profession from an entirely different perspective." - Angela Berns

"I think serving on a board is a calling.  If you are feeling it is time to serve, you should strongly consider filling out the application.  The time you spend on the board will enhance your professional knowledge, provide you with best practice improvements and increase your development as a leader.    Your decisions, knowledge and wisdom will be impactful to our membership." - Linda Fisher

"The board is an opportunity to advance our profession for the good of all of us no matter how tenured, novice, or close to retirement we may be.  Volunteer professionals throughout healthcare often go unrecognized or under-the radar, yet have impact that is far reaching; I am thankful to AHVRP and its leadership for being a lever for bringing volunteerism out of the healthcare shadows." - Roseanna Galindo-Kuhn

"I recommend anyone who wants to be a better leader and learn more about this profession consider serving on a committee and consider a nomination to the board. The experience is positive and the comradery among the board members is outstanding. Yes, it takes time and dedication, but you are supported by an excellent staff and other board members. The gains far outweigh any additional work." - Eileen McConville

"If you can, start with service on your state/regional organization Board.  It will provide you with training on how to be a productive member of a Board, and also how to organize your time and efforts between your job and the Board.  Then volunteer for some AHVRP committees.  There are many to work with and you will know in advance about the time commitment needed for each one.  It will give you more insight into AHVRP and all that it does so that you have more background when you are on the Board." - Eileen Pelletier

"If you are contemplating moving your professional career to the next level and would like to grow professionally by networking with other peers who join your passion and enthusiasm for volunteerism, AHVRP is the place to begin that journey!  After the holidays I would encourage you to update your resume, review some of the committees, or possibly submit content for sessions or posters for next year’s conference.  Already having your professional portfolio updated and being prepared when the call for nominations or session topics goes out will make the task of submission much easier." - Tina Pridgeon

"To take care of your own job as well. Being on the Board is a big commitment, but you still need to make your job at your organization number one. We should have the best DVSes in the field as Board members and what that means is they should excel at their organizations and be at the top of our field as thought leaders, speakers and experts. This gives more credibility to the Board. In my opinion, there could be nothing worse than someone serving on the Board who is no longer working in our field or someone who everyone knows does not have a good volunteer program. Remember that just because you are the leader does not mean that people will follow you. Respect has to be earned." - Angela Smith

Any other thoughts you would like to share?

"I’m extremely grateful to Kathy Moe, AHVRP Past President, for encouraging me, and ASKING me, to become actively involved in AHVRP.   She is a mentor and role-model I am privileged to work with in the same health system with. I’ve also learned that Yo is truly one of the nicest, smartest people in our business.  I’m grateful to have served on her board and watch her in action.  She is the definition of “the little things make a difference” and “the devil is in the details”.  She is truly invested in the people around her. Both of these ladies have made me want to be better personally and professionally.  They are incredible leaders.  I hope to be just like them when I grow up!" - Angela Berns

"I thank the membership for all they do every day with their volunteers and to know what they accomplish leaves footprints forever.  I’m so glad to serve as a board member of AHVRP and will continue to work hard to assure our professional organization is an outstanding resource that is beneficial to our membership." - Linda Fisher

"I was hesitant to put my name in for consideration for service on the Board.  Then in-between election times I received a call asking if I could fill for a Board member at large who could not complete their term.  Just a few months into it and I knew I would put in a nomination to continue on the Board when that term ended.  It has been so rewarding to develop closer ties to colleagues from around the country and to learn more about AHA and AHVRP and to be of service to the professional of healthcare volunteer management.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve." - Eileen Pelletier

"There is a wealth of possibilities with AHVRP to participate in networking, professional development, and growth in 2018.  Plan now to join your fellow peers at our 50th Annual AHVRP Conference & Exposition, September 28-October 2, 2018.  Hope to see you there!" - Tina Pridgeon


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